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Gas lines are an important part of the functioning of many homes and commercial buildings. The inherent dangers associated with gas make it imperative that gas work, installation, refitting and all other aspects are done by a qualified professional. Peace of mind and safety ...those are the benefits of professional work.

Fuel gas piping can produce unique situations that need immediate attention. Heat, cooking, manufacturing can all be affected by your gas service. We at Alpha Plumbing have the experience and equipment to solve your fuel has supply problems with as little inconvenience to your location as possible.

Leak Location & Testing
At Alpha Plumbing we have highly experienced Technicians that can test and locate your system using a variety of methods to quickly get you back in operation.

Leaking or deteriorated supply services between the meter and building can be replaced with minimal excavation or damage to parking lots or landscape. See our section on Trenchless Pipe Replacements. [ More ]

Repairs on gas systems can create many unforeseen circumstances. When gas systems are repaired or altered permits could possibly be required and possibly require that the entire system is brought up to current building code standards. Alpha Plumbing can deal with these issues and can explain what the requirements will be, thus keeping you aware of what will be required to complete the necessary repairs and keep you in compliance with City Building Codes.

Annual State Testing
Alpha Plumbing will gladly perform the required State Fuel Gas Testing so you can meet your Licensing Requirements. We will perform these tests in a time frame that will have the least impact on your facilities daily operational needs.

Gas Leaks and Your Safety

Some of the greatest dangers around your home may be unseen - such as gas leaks. Avoiding these unseen dangers and alerting your family to danger can be as simple as checking your appliances regularly and purchasing a few, affordable alarms. Read on to learn more about making your home safe from gas leaks.

Leaking gas can lead to asphyxiation (the inability to breathe leading to suffocation) and dangerous explosions. Luckily, commercial gasses, such as the kind of gas your stove or heater uses, have a strong odor added to them so you can smell leaks. If you smell a gas leak in your home, you need to act quickly.

  • The most important thing to do for a gas leak is to get fresh air and get out. If the smell is strong and you are having a hard time breathing, leave your home as quickly as possible. If you live in an apartment building or near other homes, alert your neighbors so they can leave too. Then call 911 (or your local emergency number) and your gas company immediately to report the leak.

  • Whatever you do, don't do anything to trigger an explosion.
    Put out all open flames like matches, lighters, candles, or cigarettes that could set the gas on fire. Even an electrical current could start an explosion, so avoid turning any appliances on or off, including lights.

  • If you cannot get out of the home, open doors and windows to air out the room. If you know where the leak is coming from and can shut off the gas supply, do so at once. Contact your local gas company immediately and let them know about the leak.

  • Don't go back into the building until the fire department and the gas company have said it is safe to do so.

People who are not able to smell and have difficulty breathing (for example, have asthma or use oxygen tanks), should contact Alpha Plumbing to find out about detectors and special procedures for gas leaks.




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